24 Ağustos 2016 Çarşamba

Requiem to My Sister - Imren Tuzun

                                                To Sidika...

The day when I lost my sister
While the tears were breaking down
Nevertheless I announced
The farewell of my sister to the life
By the social media
The invention of 21. century
Aren’t we looking for blood
A bit time ago
To keep her alive
How has changed everything
In a few seconds
We couldn’t keep her alive
She has slipped through our fingers
Like a soap bubble
Maybe we couldn’t believe in enough
The miracles
Her birthday was 20 February
We have committed her to the ground
In 20 August
To the bosom of yellow heat
Neither a tree shade
Nor a grave beside her
They deemed loneliness
Proper to her
However didn’t say my mom
“You don’t deserve this place
Look for your equal in Istanbul
It seems that our imagination
Was not as big as my Mom
The realists dragged and dropped her
To the place where she put up a fight
To get out of
Like Benazir Butto
She was turned back to her homeland too
If I was strong enough
I would carve a grave for her in the rock
She would lie down side by side
With the free spirited Lycians
In the chilly nooks
My sole solace
Probably my mom and dad
Had embraced her
They loved their black daughter
They say that the body dies
The spirits are immortal
They go up to the sky
Go to the stairs of gods
I know her spirit will go around
In the skies of Istanbul
She will feel everything
With gods

Imren Tuzun

Antalya, 21 August 2016

Translated by Serkan Engin

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